Sunday, 26 February 2017

Oh K! Gold Dust Hydrogel Sheet Mask (Review)


A lot of sheet masks are much for muchness and when I unpacked this gooey option I thought it would be moisturising and relaxing, but nothing new. Looking at my skin afterwards I think there's something a little extra about this mask. The first thing I like is that this is split into two sections - one for cheeks, eyes and forehead, and one of the mouth and chin. Why does this matter? Well. I could really press this into the skin and it didn't move around or go in my eyes or the inside of my mouth which I've found a lot of others can be a pain because of.

Down to the treatment! It was cooling and really moisturising without leaving an oily residue. I wore this for about 20 minutes and I could do other things comfortably whilst wearing it! The radiance in my skin is definitely noticeable and my skin feels plumped, moisturised and is - though I hate the phrase - lit for within.

Korean skincare is blowing up in the U.K. Right now and I can see why - every treatment I've tested has been beautiful! I absolutely love this and I am definitely going to be repurchasing ASAP! Two thumbs way up!

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