Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Body Shop "Drops of Youth" Skincare (Review)

I am not really one to make resolutions, mostly because I am stubborn but also I think putting pressure on a new activity makes it 100x less likely to become a habit. Having said that I have made a conscious decision to get back into a real skincare routine. I'm 25 this year and if I'm honest my skin is temperamental at best right now! I knew when in search for the final peices to the puzzle that is my skincare regimen that I wanted an intensely moisturising cream and ideally a serum to ensure that said moisturiser was given the chance to work to the best of its ability.

In steps The Body Shop "Drops of Youth" collection - a one stop shop that ticks all of my boxes. The Drops of Youth "Youth Cream" feels rich and whipped in texture but not so thick that a jar lasts two seconds. It quenches the skin immediately and the results last until it is time to next apply. As for the serum, this is rather thick and though I do enjoy using it I'm not entirely convinced it is doing enough to warrant a repurchase. Perhaps it's a bit more of a grower in terms of becoming a staple.

All in all, I've been using this for about two weeks now and I am really enjoying the instant impact I am seeing to my skin. It looks and feels moisturised and my makeup is sitting better by the day! It also doesn't hurt that this set is under £40 for two full size products and is currently available with 40% off - that's £24 for an effective duo! Kudos to The Body Shop!

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  1. I was so late on this, but I'm obsessed with the sleeping mask from this range. Definitely worth checking out if you like the cream so much :)

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