Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The 411 | Drugstore Concealers

I really enjoy these sorts of reviews, and you guys seem to enjoy reading them so I'm back with another all about drugstore concealers. None of these go above £10 and they are all ones which I use either regularly or have a specific use for! Let's get into it, shall we?

Rimmel London Wake Me Up 
I have to get this one out of the wey because it is my least used concealer, it's very smooth and thin but brightens up the under eye area concealer. I think the only reason I don't reach for this that much is because the lightest shade - the one I own - is too dark for me to use all over, I can only get away with this to cancel the blue under my eyes because it's rather yellow based. Having said that, if it were a touch lighter I would definitely give it more attention!

Seventeen Stay Time
This has to be the most underrated concealer on this list. It's what I consider to be a less thick version of the Collection Lasting Perfection. The coverage is beautiful, the stay power is amazing once it sets and it works equally well under the eyes as it does on blemishes because it is super moisturising! Another thing I love about this is that it is actually the same colour as my skin tone! If I can't be bothered with foundation I'll just whack this all over and it just looks like I've skipped base make up! I love this one!

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch
Similarly to the Wake Me Up, the lightest shade available in the range is a good 3 shades darker than my actual skin tone and very yellow based so I restrict this to the under eye and highlighting the bridge of my nose. I do, however, use this ona daily basis. It's a fantastic corrector and I enjoy it specifically for my nose and inner corner. I definitely will repurchase this when it runs out!

Rimmel London Match Perfection
Without going on too much, this is a good concealer for under the eyes, it is pretty average but it is moisturising so it's good for us dry skinned gals. I don't like that it comes with a built in applicator, it distributes too much product and you get a bit of waste, but for a drugstore concealer it's pretty decent. I probably won't replace this one though - says it all really doesn't it.

Collection Lasting Perfection
...and this one has to be the most hyped of the list. I had to finish on this, I've debated doing a full review of this before but saw no point in it because it gets so much coverage on blogs that you're not short of an opinion on it! I really like this. It does oxidise a little but I tend to stick to using this for the darkest part of undereye circles and blemishes! The staying power is amazing and it is a real full cover concealer, for the price you can't  get better.

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